The first action camera stabilizer truly optimized for Action sport & Travel

SLICK - Gimbal for GoPro®
  • Wearable

    Slick has a standard GoPro® mount, you can use your existing accessories to capture steady footages hands free!

  • Protects your camera

    Slick is optimized to be used with your action camera housing. No risks to damage it!

  • Micro-USB

    Slick uses standard micro-USB. Recharge it on the go using a power bank.

  • Rainproof & Dustproof

    Slick's entire body is sealed and its motors are rainproof. Don't be afraid to go out on a rainy day.

Just what's needed

Slick has 3 operating modes (Pan, Lock & Follow).

You can tilt Up/Down the camera at your fingertips.

Make it your own

Slick is optimized for all latest GoPro® cameras (3, 3+, 4, 5 and session series).

The GoPro® mount is removable for future action camera compatibility

See the difference

Slick uses 3 different sensors to always keep the action camera leveled. No more vibrations, no more disruptive movements, your footage is ready to share with your friends!


Slick is innovating with a moving timelapse

Your friends will ask you how the hell you did this rotating Timelapse!

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