Your GoPro, stable as F*CK!

The most durable GoPro gimbal for Action Sports
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They chose SLICK

"Slick is really the perfect solution, it's light, durable and really weatherproof. This is something I've been dreaming of over the last decade"

"Slick is my essential accessory for extreme videos, for all my flights, in all situations!

"Onboard enduro & trial videos are so shaky that Slick was my dream tool to capture steady shots"

"Always trying to capture innovative shot in the pipe, Slick is for sure my favorite GoPro accessory"

"Slick is the ultimate accessory awaited by all of us. Now comes the end of vomiting while watching action sport videos!!"


The action camera stabilizer truly optimized for Action sports & Travels

SLICK - Gimbal for GoPro®
  • Wearable

    Slick has a standard GoPro® mount, you can use your existing accessories to capture steady footages hands free!

    Mount it on your helmet, chest mount or even a dog!

  • Protects your cameras

    Slick is the only gimbal compatible with all GoPro cameras. And no risks to damage it, keep the waterproof housing, it's fully protected!

  • Micro-USB

    Slick uses standard micro-USB. Recharge it on the go using a power bank, never run out of battery!

  • Rainproof & Dustproof

    Slick's entire body is sealed and its motors are rainproof. Don't be afraid to go out on a rainy day or shred some powder!


Your GoPro will rotate on 3-axis to get a never-seen-before rotating effect.

Just click on the video below!


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