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Last pre-order shipment is facing delays

Hi guys,

You guessed it, I'm facing a big issue to ship the last batch of SLICK.

90% of pre-orders have been fulfilled and the last one is blocked due to some "political" reasons.

Working with China has been my biggest chalenge on this project, although I've spent 5 months there. Suppliers are constantly lying to me, that's the game. Big cultural difference. 

I've been discovering slowly the landscape of how a SLICK is being made. I though I was working with X factory but I'm working with Y because they are hiring there friends. Etc.... Long short story.

Today, there are 600 SLICK ready to be shipped at the factory, but it looks like that the 3rd party project manager I've hired at the beginning has not paid the factory ... So the SLICK cannot be shipped. 

Even though I've paid all bills, i'm stuck. The 3rd party is being agressive to me saying he has paid the factory and the factory is waiting for the $$. 

I'm still trying to figuring out a solution between the 2 parties. But it's the jungle there. Agreements, contracts, whatever is useless.

My very first priority is to ship the 10% remaining orders. And I'll do it!

Even If I have to empty SLICK's bank account, pay the factory (again) and shut down the company afterward. I'll have fulfilled everyone's orders. Trust me, that's my TOP priority. I'm not spending any money with hire, marketing, ads, R&D etc.. until I've shipped all orders.

Some of you are being really supportive, thank you so much for all the love you send to Aude and I. That keep us motivated whatever happens!


Tom, founder.

Shipping update - Mid January

Shipping update - Mid January

Hi guys,

We have shipped more than 1,700 Slick and it has been an incredible journey!! I'm so proud of what have been achieved, you can't imagine.

Receiving videos from early customers loving life with their Slick, there is nothing more rewarding! (You can check some of them here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ-tueQd8-kq4kBmdNj4ji6GByxWxPL2M)

We still have more than 1,300 Slick to deliver. I'm sorry to announce that we have had an issue this week with our PCB supplier and we've received the electronic boards with an issue on the charging component. Our PCB supplier made a mistake in a component and we need to change it. This is not our fault, this happens and cause delays (Like iphone X etc...)

Our engineering team is working day and night on shift at the factory to fix all the PCB, it's not a big deal but takes some time.

This affect only the remaining batch to be sent, and won't affect the new customers.

I cannot give you an exact time line for now, let's stay in close touch!

We will be sending 100 Slick early next week.

Believe it or not, but I'm even more sad than you, remaining backers. I've been pouring 3 years of my life into this project to delivers 3,000 action sport lovers. I won't let you down at any point. That's my only dedication for this year.

I'm so confident in SLICK that I've decided to give you an as-never-seen after sales experience, Caitlin and I are answering your emails in 24h and EXCHANGE your slick if you have any issues. 

Hang tight, please! You won't regret!!