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A solid update about making a waterproof gimbal

A solid update about making a waterproof gimbal


First, I would like to apologize in my failure to deliver a waterproof gimbal on time. I had the technology, but a bad choice in my team members led the company to fail into this task.

I got rid off the team and am now alone facing this challenge.

I've been answering a bit everywhere about my intention to make a waterproof gimbal after the release of this weatherproof gimbal. This intention is real, and I will prove it along the next updates.

In this post I'll explain you my progress on making the waterproof gimbal.

FOR THOSE WHO JUST WANT ANSWERS, and don't want to read the whole post. 

Here is a summary:

1) I will send to everyone the weatherproof gimbal except if you prefer to wait

2) Those who want to wait for the waterproof gimbal need to understand the risk:

It might take me an undetermined time to release a perfectly working waterproof gimbal and there is a possibility that I fail again.

My best suggestion is to accept this weatherproof gimbal, which is amazing anyway..., and I will offer a huge discount on the waterproof gimbal when released. 

Shipping 3,000 gimbals is a nightmare regarding the logistics. It's not a nice gift to me if you  decide to wait the waterproof version, but I totally understand and will comply to your decision with passion!

If you want to wait for the waterproof version, please send an email at support@slick.video

I really want everybody to be happy here, if you have other suggestion, send me a personal email at thomas@slick.video or comment this blog post.


To start, let me show you the result of the current weatherproof SLICK in a quick video, I stayed 2mn under the heavy rain. No issues at all :


Now, let's see where I am in the waterproofing development.

On the following pictures, you will be able to see which parts are truly waterproof and which one need to be optimized/modified.

First, the buttons, they are in silicon and completely sealed with rubber.


The LEDS are also sealed with rubber between the guide and the shell.

The 2 body parts are completely sealed using this complexe die cut custom rubber.

The arms are not sealed, but some hot glue is closing the cable doors.


THEN, the 2 areas which need some work.

The USB door, it's weatherproof, but cannot be submerged. I have two solutions:

-Looking for an affordable waterproof micro usb port (It's really expensive)

-Find a better way to close this door.

Finally, the biggest challenge is the motor. As of now I have completely sealed the outer shell of the motor from the shell of the gimbal. But the water can still go inside the motor.

I've found a new supplier who is able to make sample on our waterproof technology to protect the water to come from inside the motor to outside of the motor (Through the bearings). 

I've ordered samples, which will arrive within 35 days. I expect 15 days of test and then can start mass producing a first batch. Keep in mind that I have to find a solution for the micro usb port also.


I answered all the questions I've seen coming through our support team and social media. If there is anything I haven't answered, please leave a comment and I will personally reply to you.

This project is extremely challenging for me, you cannot believe how grateful I am to have you onboard. All these kind emails and messages are pushing me every morning to continue this journey as a massive team of 3,000 passionate people.