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4h sleep a night this past week and here I am : Packaging the first 100 Slick and prepare them for shipment before the Chinese 1 week holiday.

Emotion is here, 3am sitting down alone in the factory making sure that every details are perfect before THE big day. I'm also getting a little bit crazy due to lack of sleep :)

And here we are, carefully packing the first Slick

We have to ship to 75 countries, the logistic is extremely complicated and the cost very high ($80,000+ for all shipments). To help you pay the smallest shipping cost, first, we cut some of the cost from our own margins and second we need to ship all the Slick with a little bit of strategy. 

That's why US orders will be shipped using air freight and then dispatched in the country. That's my priority for the next shipment!

Also, for this first batch of 100 units, only customers without the hard case are shipped to first, test our shipping partner and also make the logistic easier on this first lot. 

If you are among the first backers and have ordered a hard case, you will be in the next shipment who is coming very soon, right after this first wave.


This week is Chinese holiday. I tried to negotiate with the factory to stay working there with some workers, but it's a clear NO. The whole country is shut down. I went back to California to take a short "Chinese break" where I'm taking care of the first shipment and also defining a clear strategy on how to accelerate on the next shipments.

I'll be back at the factory next week to prepare the next shipment :)

These past 2 weeks were by far the funniest in my China trip. Lot of fun and good mood at the factory. Everyone enjoyed working on the project. 

Why? Because I'm now extremely proud of all the details. I'm so proud of the final product i'm shipping to you. 

This is just the beginning, beginning of a new step in this project. 

We can say that we just joined the small group of the Indiegogo campaigns who had the ambition to design, prototype, manufacture at big scale an extremely complicated product AND SHIP IT. 

My dream is still not realized, it will be when everyone of you will have received SLICK and I will randomly meet you on a ski resort this winter having the best holiday of your life capturing the moments you will be proud to share with your friends.