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Assembly of the first batch has started

Assembly of the first batch has started

Hi !

These past two weeks were a massive run.

Preparing everything for assembly and starting it.

We should have started assembly on Sept 6th. It happened that I noticed a small bearing issue on some motors around Sept 4th. I decided to send them all back to review and fix those affected. 

Our motor factory took the issue very seriously and has been working continuously to ship back the motors. We have started to receive back some motors yesterday.

During this time we finalized all the preparation for assembly.

This afternoon we are setting up the assembly line to start assembling Slick tomorrow morning.

This basically affected the schedule by 6 days.

We have completed the mass production of the hard case and they are ready to ship. That's something I don't need to handle anymore. Fiouf !


This first run of assembly is 300 units, but will be continuously. We have now the priority on our assembly line of 20 to 30 people which is dedicated to SLICK full time until every gimbal are shipped. 

During these 2 weeks, 8 action sport friends have tested Slick intensively and I took this opportunity to fine tune the software. Especially for all the different GoPro in different sport conditions. I'm happy with the results :)

This is just a short update to tell you that I cannot be more dedicated that what i'm doing right now. I've to admit I feel really weak and have a hard time to think, solve the issues efficiently as I used to do. Nevertheless, my ambition for this project take over it all and I push my limit to the extreme. If you have any question, reach out to Caitlin on our support email. She is putting a lot a effort to assist all of you very efficiently. I want to be really close to all of you and solve all your request in the shortest time!

Once again, you are more and more to send me lovely emails and you cannot believe how grateful I am to have you in my team!