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Comparing Our Old And New Design!

Comparing Our Old And New Design!

Hi everyone!

Last week we welcomed a new Mechanical Engineer onto the team! Matt grew up in the Bay Area and has lived in Santa Cruz for nearly a decade. Matt received his Bachelor of Science majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Math. He is also an avid surfer, mountain biker and extreme sport addict.

Many have been asking about the size! Our newest prototype is roughly the same size as the first prototype we designed. We kept everything as small as we could by integrating the battery controller and every electrical component. By changing the location of the battery to the base of Slick, we were able to reduce the moving mass and achieve better performance in its motion.

Taking photos close up also makes the gimbal look bigger than it is as apposed to having the gimbal attached to the helmet and shot from further away. 

Here is a comparison to show you guys!

With the recent changes on the mechanical side, we are fine tuning the software to better control the motion of the gimbal. Tuning the software is an ongoing job because minor adjustments are necessary to accommodate small changes in the mechanical design.

We have been busy working on producing a special video to share with you all about where we are in the R&D step of bringing the Slick to all of our backers. We will be sharing this with you soon!

Have an awesome week! Check back soon for more updates.

Kind regards,

- Slick Team