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Great Progress made for your Slick GoPro stabilizer!

Great Progress made for your Slick GoPro stabilizer!

What’s up everyone! 

We have been working 7 days a week getting the product refined to the next level. Our progress is huge, but development can take time. We want to keep you updated as much as we can, every week/10 days/2 weeks. We want to give you a good update with good information, sometimes there are just no milestones to share. The updates are released at times when the team feels we have some exciting news to share to you all. Sometimes we run into problems we need to solve and spend the whole week working on it, rather than pulling resources to release an update without anything of real value to share. 

Now for some exciting stuff! 

We are making great progress. Along the way we are solving existing and a few new problems that we encounter. That’s the nature of product development. We have spent the last week debugging the electrical components such as the on/off switch, which has given us some headaches. As a result we are waiting on new parts to arrive.

We spent most of last week also finalizing the power supply design (USB and battery connector) on the electrical side, and debugging the whole unit with the new assembly as you can see in the images below!  

On the mechanical side, we received new plastic parts of our final design. These parts are used to verify everything before going into production. We have assembled the final design and made sure that every part fits well. We discovered the battery attachment needed to be slightly adjusted as it was not efficient; we are currently working on a better solution.

Sneak peek on some Slick features…

The micro-USB for user interface is looking awesome and working well! You will be able to find it at the bottom of the battery pack, and it will allow you to update the software in the future.

Enjoy the weekend!

- Slick Team