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Giving Our Products An Identity

Giving Our Products An Identity

As a team, we have been working on a name for our gimbal. Slick is the name of our company, because we will have more products in the future we want to start giving them an identity. We recently came up with the idea to name our products after different waves all around the world because we feel that waves represent Slick. The names are endless and we are also the first waterproof stabilizer!

How does Slick relate to waves?

Blue, waterproof, always growing and getting bigger and better. Our Slick blue is the same color as the ocean on a great day here in Santa Cruz! Slick will be a waterproof stabilizer to capture water sports such as surfing and kite surfing. Our team and brand will always be growing and getting bigger, we have some great ideas for future products and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

What names did you come up with?

We found some great names, waves from Hawaii all the way to Fiji and to Japan. There were a few that stood out to us, but one that had a special ring to it: Maverick. Just an hour North of Santa Cruz you will arrive at Half Moon Bay, the home to the Maverick waves. Located in California, just like Slick, we figured the name was a perfect fit.

The link below shows you the 3 designs we are deciding from, click the link and vote for your favorite for our gimbal! 


Let us know what you think!  

Have a great weekend!

-Slick Team