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Manufacturing Progress and Waterproof Details For Your Slick GoPro Gimbal!

Manufacturing Progress and Waterproof Details For Your Slick GoPro Gimbal!

Hi backers!

All the hard work has been paid off, our waterproofing solution finally works and we are extremely proud! But, unfortunately, we haven’t been able to search for a fast enough solution to scale it for mass production. To do this, we would need 3 - 4 more months. The price of our motors has doubled for the waterproof version, which means we will have to increase the retail price to $399. But not for you guys, don’t worry ;)

With this being said, it’s absolutely NOT possible and fair to let you all wait for another 3 to 4 months, so, we’ve decided to ship SLICK as a weatherproof gimbal. But, we don’t want to let you down on this, so during this time whilst you have fun with Slick, we will work hard over these next few months to release the waterproof version!

We have some exciting news to share! We have optimized our stabilization algorithm (software) and opted for a bigger battery, this means that instead of Slick running for 2 hours it will run for 3 - 4 hours, more adventure time! To increase the resistance to water, we discussed and decided with the factory to embed the battery in the product. There will no longer be a removable battery, we invested a lot of time and money to DOUBLE the battery life! The GoPro has a battery life of less than 2 hours, so be sure to pack spares for your action camera! Don't worry about the funds for the spare battery, we are currently re-calculating shipping as the weight has changed. Some of you paid too much, others didn’t pay enough. We will reach out to you individually once everything has been finalized.


So what does this mean for you guys?

You will receive the most beautiful gimbal on the market (trust us, we’ve started to see the level of manufacturing we are dealing with. It’s so much better than our competitors). Then, when we release the waterproof version we will reach out to you. We are still working on the perfect solution, we need to go deep on the financials but we can imagine that you will send us back the weatherproof gimbal for an UPGRADE or a huge discount to order the waterproof version. Again, nothing is finalized and we are working hard on the perfect solution. We will reach out to everyone individually.

We have finally sorted all the issues we had and pre-production at the factory started 2 weeks ago, we’re on the final stretch. Ordering tens of thousands of components, teaching workers about our technology, creating the tools to produce Slick at a fast speed… it’s all very exciting!

Thomas was in China 2 weeks ago, he shot a video at the factory with Slick:


This moment was so exciting, we kicked off pre-production 3 weeks ago! The last metal part you see is the very first mold for Slick. We are making ultra high-quality tools to manufacture Slick parts. We spent $80,000 on them. Instead of regular ABS plastic (like other gimbals), Slick will be made out of a nylon + glass fiber mix, which is extremely durable.

If you have any questions, please email us at contact@slick.video

We’re on the final stretch now, hang tight everyone!!

- Slick Team