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Official timeframe, shipping and packaging details!

Official timeframe, shipping and packaging details!

Hi everyone!

Everything is going awesome! We recorded a Facebook live around 3 weeks ago and we got some awesome feedback from you guys! We received the official time-frame from our CM and we explained each step as well as the timeline for each specific step. Shipping will start early July and we will be shipping out 2,500 units! 

Check out our video here and let us know what you think - 


Incase you don’t have the time to watch our video or can’t access it, here is a short summary provided below:

We received the timeline from our manufacturer! The first timelines we have been sharing so far were from us and we are admitting that we did make some mistakes and discovered many things through the process that we did not think about before. We will break down the official timeline from them. 

Unfortunately, we will not be shipping in March as we are only kicking off official production now. We are experiencing one final delay, but it is not too long. The shipping date we received from our CM is early July. We will be shipping 2,500 units, which will include our website orders as well as Indiegogo orders.

We have optimized everything with our manufacturer so our design would fit their requirement to start manufacturing. We will be receiving the first full CNC production ready prototype from our CM next week. We will then test it out, and if changes need to be made then we will make them. The tooling process is next and this will take 45 days. Next, we will be able to do the first injection test sample, this is the sample that will be what you’ll receive. We will provide feedback etc, and if something is wrong (the finish for example - very small details) then this can be modified really quick and the time frame for receiving changes is 10 days (we won’t need to go through another 45 days). Our CM will do a final modification from our feedback which will take 2 days. We will confirm that mass production is ready and manufacturing will be on its way! Our CM will assemble the PCBAs and will test them. The manufacturing process will take only 7 days - this is for 2,500 units and all will be tested. They will then be put into the packaging and shipped off right away.

Regarding the packaging, all pre-orders made on our website will be receiving the cardboard packaging sent out in our last update! You will have the opportunity to pre-order the hard case as an extra accessory on our website once everything has been finalized!

As for the hard case, the first samples have officially been made! The outer/inner casing is complete, we’ve designed custom molds so it looks good and fits the SLICK + GoPro + GoPro mount! Making space for your GoPro camera means you can leave it mounted in at all times. The two final features we are working on for this hard case is the handle and most importantly, waterproof zippers!

Looks awesome, right? ;)

We will keep everyone posted as we finalize more details. Please let us know what you think and if you have any questions!

- Slick Team