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Preparing pre-production assembly

Preparing pre-production assembly

Hi guys!

This week I've been preparing the assembly for the pre-production run.

After validating the final material and finish of the plastic parts, the factory has ordered the material. The final material we have chosen is 15% fiber glass and 85% nylon. I've made drop and scratch test. This combination is the best ratio. As a reminder, glass fiber gives you flexible part but durability and Nylon gives you hard parts but more breakable. What is needed for SLICK is not that hard to don't break in a case of impact. But not too flexible since the system need to be very responsive.

Anyway, we have received the materials at factory yesterday, on time, which has been heated overnight to the right temperature. Today, the 9 molds series have been in and out the injection machine to build the first 50 sets of parts that will be shipped to you. That's really exciting to see the parts that will be shipped to you and not testing samples anymore!!


These are the first part that are just out the injection machine. 14 more parts to go over the weekend. I'll be at the factory to supervise the overall quality. I'm extremely confident. It looks gorgeous.

Yesterday, we stayed at the factory HQ until 1am to flash the software into the 50 sets of PCBs. The electronics boards are ready to be assembled into the units.

I have made pressure on the motor factory (they should have finished the first run of motors on August 10th as mentioned in the previous update). They finished on August 5th. We received them yesterday, so it's ready to get assembled as well!

Monday, I'll be at the factory to arrange the assembly line. I expect to kick off assembly on Tuesday.

The goal of this pre-production is to solve all the new issues that appear during the mass production step, which are issues that we don't have during small assembly processes. 

The Chinese embassy has refused tu renew my Business visa since it's been too long i'm here. I'm working on a solution to stay, it's pretty stressful. If I cannot stay after August 16th (end of my visa), I'll stay at the Chinese border and work that way with the factory... Pretty depressing, I should find a solution early next week!

Anyway, we are still on track to start shipping August 20th the first 50 units. The next batch of 500 units will come end of August/early September. And the next and last batch really soon after.

For me, delivering these units is just the beginning, it's been 3 years i'm working on this. It's YOU and only you who will decide if the brand will grow. If you're enjoying my ride and the product you receive, let's spread the word out!

I'm really excited, stressed, impressed, exhausted. This has been a crazy ride. Let's hold our hands on this final!