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Shipping keep going and assembly line start to get automated

Shipping keep going and assembly line start to get automated


After 4 months in China solving hundreds of issues one by one, I start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it looks wonderful!

I've shipped the very first hundred Slick a month ago. At this time, the assembly line wasn't smooth and I had to work everyday with engineers, managers and workers to setup/ improve/ optimize the whole process.

I've worked on this during the last month and as of today, Slick looks wonderful at the end of the assembly line. Everyone is doing a great job and I'm extremely happy of what is being packaged. 

This last 2 weeks I've tried to solve the last issue, the speed. Trying to scale but I've had a hard time communicating and negotiating with the factory to get more people. The product is quite complicated to assemble and require to work with qualified workers. These guys are tricky to find. So I decided to keep a team of 10 people on the assembly line which limit the speed at 30 Slick / day. 

I've the 300 next Slick ready to be shipped.

How I will proceed:

The first 100 Slick will be dispatched to the first backers who ordered a Slick + hard case, since they were exclude of the first 100 shipment to simplify logistic.

I'm waiting to have 800 Slick to bulk ship using Freight to the USA. I will take care of all the custom for this country. You will receive your Slick seamlessly.

Then, I will ship the Slick per 200 unit batch from our HongKong warehouse until everyone get their Slick. 

To give you a very rough idea of the shipment regarding your order number, the shipment will proceed as below :

Order 1-200 : This week

US order (800 Slick) : November 30th

Order 200-500 : December 7th

Order 500-800 : December 14th

Order 800-1100 : December 21st

Order 1100 - 1400 : December 28th

Order 1400 - 1700 : January 5th

Order 1700 - 2000 : January 12th

Order 2000- 2300 : January 19th

Order 2300- 2600 : January 26th

I'm still exploring other ways to scale and assemble faster. These dates are the most secure to announce as of today. You can expect your Slick to be received faster.

People are receiving their Slick every day and I cannot explain the feeling when I started to watch the first videos. That's the best reward you can have as an inventor. Seeing people having the best moment with your product from Bali to Russia and Tahiti.

Here are some of these videos: 

Moto in France

Tahitian dance

Downhill Longboard



Also, I've created a playlist of French/ English tutorials on YOUTUBE

As a reminder, you can find the Facebook group of the SLICK OWNERS, you can find here some videos and pictures from customers.