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Shipping update

Shipping update


A quick update to go through the mass production stage.

We have run a Pre-production process of 50 units mid-August to understand what will be the issues during the mass production process.

Here are the issues that happened:

-The workers inverted 2 wires in the assembly process and burnt 23 Slick out of 50 (Guess how happy I was, wonderful, right?)

-The printing on the buttons was not centered. Since these buttons are made in Silicon, they had a hard time to optimize the quality process and get the printing centered each time.

-The workers scratched the units during the assembly. With their screwdriver during the screwing process.

Everything else was perfect. So I'm pretty happy, even if it's frustrating.

I've fixed these 3 issues so far!!!


What did I decide to do?

-I've sent 5 units to EU distributors. They have small scratches, buttons printing not centered. But they work perfect. They don't have the Timelapse feature, that i've implemented just now for the mass production units.

-I've sent 8 units in express to action sport Friends who do different sports. I told them to review the product and give me express feedbacks, only about the software that I can update instantly before starting the mass production next week. They will also test the timelapse feature that i've already heavily tested.

What's next ?

We are now preparing Mass production at the factory in order to start assembly, September 6th. We are preparing a 500 units batch. We expect to finish the 500 units by September 12th. Then ship these units to the first 500 backers (Except US backers, they will be shipped next batch since I will send an Air freight to US, we have 600 customers there).

What am I doing this week before starting Mass production?

-Running the plastic injection of the 500 Slick and setting up the rules for QC (Quality control) to make sure no units get scratches on it.

-Running the SMT (assembling components on the PCB)

Everything else is ready, the motors, batteries etc.

-I'm also building a tool to perform a better calibration process of the sensor during the mass production. As of now it was done by hand, but when repeated 3,000 times for a worker it get really tough. And more than that, this tool let us calibrate the gimbal over 6 axes instead of 1 axis (Our competitors do 1 axis only, that's what cause horizon drift)


I start to feel less stressed, the process get smoother and smoother. I'm like a child trying the gimbal as much as I can. It works so great, i'm so happy. 

That's the most rewarding gift I had so far. The next most rewarding gift is to hear from you and realize how much you are having fun with SLICK.

Sending you love from my dirty factory, meanwhile the plastic is heating to get injected <3