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Slick GoPro Gimbal packaging, manufacturing and testing with the GoPro 5 Supersuit!

Tuesday Nov 29 2016

Hey everyone

Don’t worry, we didn’t disappear! We’re still here, working harder than ever to put Slick into your hands :)

A lot has happened over the past month. We received samples for packaging, the final prototype body of Slick and finalizing the electronics for Slick. We have made amazing progress!

As you can see below, Slick is compatible with the GoPro series such as the Session 4, GoPro 3 and GoPro 5.

We even tested out the GoPro 5 with its Super Suit so your camera won’t get damaged during your crazy adventures!

On the mechanical side, our CTO is currently in China, meeting with our contract manufacturer. We are setting up our production line and integrating the latest optimizations of our design into the manufacturing process. Discussions are on going, but we will have more information when our CTO returns.

Time for the packaging! We received our very first sample for the Slick packaging, and it looks pretty awesome! As you can see in the photo below, the foam die cut allows you to have your GoPro attached with your Slick in the box!  This way you can easily take it out, attach it to your mount, power it on and start your journey! The box will include one GoPro screw, one GoPro mount attachment and one battery. There is also space for the spare battery some of you have ordered! We are still working hard on the exterior design and will share more once we are approach the final decision :)

We also have a short video we want to share with you guys today. This video is 100% RAW straight from the SD card, no edits at all. When making one of our previous videos, we had noticed the motors were generating some noise and this was something we wanted to fix right away. In this video, you can hear that the motors are now noiseless! We are still fine tuning the software to make your ride even smoother during rougher movements. The Slick is filming upside down in this shot. The cool thing about Slick is that you don’t need to reboot the gimbal to use it in different orientations!

We just want to say that we truly appreciate your patience during this delay, and we’re glad to be receiving such awesome messages and comments from our backers! We know the wait can be frustrating, but we also know that the wait will be worth it!

Thanks for being the best backers!

- Slick Team.

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