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Slick GoPro gimbal offers a variety of modes!

Slick GoPro gimbal offers a variety of modes!

Hey guys!

As promised in our last update, today we will be showing you the different modes Slick has to offer! 

First, let’s talk about a few electrical and mechanical points.

On the mechanical side, we have ordered CNC parts for the gimbal and they will be arriving shortly. The battery pack is currently being finalized as small developments were made (check out our photo below).

On the electrical side, we are working on developing the battery pack. There is now a micro USB on the actual battery pack, so you will be able to charge up your Slick like a smartphone! We also added a battery fuel gage on the top of the battery pack, this will allow you to see how much percentage you have remaining. It will indicate 25%, 50%, 75% and fully charged. When you are charging your battery pack, there will be a unique  light pattern to indicate the battery status. Unfortunately, the second batch of motors we ordered were not a success, we put our heads down and went back to work right away. We already ordered a 3rd batch and these will be arriving shortly.

Now for the fun stuff! Slick will offer three different modes; follow/pan, pan/tilt and lock. The tilt up/down feature will available for all these modes. Check it out below!


Enjoy your week!

- Slick Team