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Slick Gimbal vs. Karma Grip and Arrival of Final Prototypes!

Slick Gimbal vs. Karma Grip and Arrival of Final Prototypes!


Hey everyone!

A lot has happened this past month. The battery is the heart of any portable electronic device. Our battery pack is unusual as it doesn't require an external charger - the pack itself contains all the needed charging electronics, and the user just plugs it into any USB port. We've spent significant time iterating on our initial design to maximize run-time and minimize charger time. We received the final plastic parts of the final design made in the finalized material! As mentioned in a previous update, these parts are one-off custom made that take around 20 days to get made, delivered and arrive at our office. It turned out in a very light but super durable construction. Check out our photo below and let us know what you think!

So, we know everyone has heard about GoPro releasing their very own stabilizer. We just wanted to go over a few things and tell you why Slick is more advanced.

1) Compatibility. Who has the GoPro 3 or 3+? Well, you won’t be able to use the new Karma stabilizer unless you have the 4 or pre order the GoPro 5 ($399.00). Slick is compatible with the GoPro 3, 3+, 4 and most likely the GoPro 5 depending on dimensions and weight.

2) Size. The GoPro Karma is extremely bulky. Who wants to wear their gimbal on their body? Slick can be mounted anywhere and everywhere. Our 2-second clip on makes life easy for you and gives you more time to focus on the action! No messy wires, and nothing bulky in your way.

The most amazing thing about this GoPro release is that you are definitely the heroes. At Slick, it’s been 3 years since we believed that action sport cameras needed to be upgraded to a groundbreaking new experience. And we have to admit, we totally understand your frustration. We are also amazed by the amount of work that goes in to release the best stabilizer ever.

Nonetheless, we had the vision to change the way action sport lovers capture their adventures and we are amazed by the amount of people who have the same vision as us. Moving forward, there are other big brands who have just started working on a similar device. But between you and I, theirs is not optimized for extreme sports! We still remain the most advanced, compact and waterproof gimbal out there!

You are one of the early adopters who had the genius to believe in our vision, we need you in our army more than ever to become the best stabilization company ever created!

We are so proud to have you be part of this crazy journey!

- Slick Team