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Shipping update and Timelapse feature

Shipping update and Timelapse feature

Hey there!

I haven't moved, i'm still at the factory solving issues and going forward.

The timeline hasn't pretty much changed and the over all process is pretty smooth!

I received the first 60 set of PCBs assembled and tested.




The mass production for the plastic parts will start tomorrow. We had to modify the molds over 10 times to get the best render. The parts are really complicated and factory engineers had lot of struggle to solve all issues. It's now finished.

I've been working this last week on the "finish" which is the touch feeling of the product and also how it resists to outdoor. I'm really happy with the result. The product looks durable and really is.

The last limitation step is the motors, we had a delay with a motor and we will receive the 50 set on August 10th. We will pre-assemble 50 unit before then to ship them by August 20th.

We are finishing assembling 5 units today and will ship them tomorrow to some strategic people (Beta tester, distributor, investor, ambassador & team member). 

Then, the 50 units will be shipped in order of pre-orders. 

I will have the timeline for all 3,000 units shipment date in the next update, but I already know that all orders will be shipped by end of September.



Meanwhile the factory was working on some points, I took some of my spare nights to work on a new feature. The timelapse, which will be available for all of you.

I did a 30mn timelapse while I was having lunch:


It's really tough for me to be here in China, no friends/family/wife. The culture difference is massive and it's hard to feel here like home. I do this to make this dream happen, ship you this beautiful piece of hardware and finally offer action sport lovers and travelers the ultimate gimbal experience!

A quick glance at the PCB factory and Shipping reminder.

A quick glance at the PCB factory and Shipping reminder.


I went to the PCB factory to see the manufacturing of our pre-production PCBs.

It's really exciting to see all these PCBs being made. I went through so many different prototypes that always had a new issue and now the PCBs have been validated and validated again. It's relaxing to see the mass production running with perfectly working PCBs.

PCB slick gimbal gopro stabilizer


As a reminder, we will start shipping at the end of this month, but slowly. We cannot produce 3,000 units at once and will start with 30-50 units, make sure that the production units are working exactly the same as the final golden sample and then move on to 500 units, 1000 units and up. This process will take around 6 weeks to scale up, starting end of July.

The first 30-50 Slick are expected to be received by our first backers early August, and the last one by the end of September.

We are a team of 10 peoples working day and night at the factory to make this happen, 4 engineers on the molds for plastic parts, 3 engineers on the PCBs, 2 managers for the operations and myself. 

Once again, thanks for all the love messages you share with me, it helps so much to keep up the motivation in this critical part of the project!

Best, TA.