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We have started Pre-Production for PCBs!

We have started Pre-Production for PCBs!


Your SLICK gimbal has started to give birth!

3 fresh news today about PCBs (Electronic) and motors.

Slick PCB gimbal GoPro stabilizer

1) Our factory built the programming boards to flash SLICK gimbal's software into our PCBs.

The top-left board is to flash the software of the two boards that are into the two top motors.
The top-right tool is to test the sensor board, just place it on this tool and the green light will blink if working correctly.
The biggest board is to flash the main software into the main board.
All these tools are a complementary layer of testing to make sure all PCBs are working and there is no soldering mistakes. All defective PCBs will be trashed.
2) We have started the PP for PCB which is the Pre-Production, This PP is 50 set of PCBs. I will go to the factory tomorrow to show you the manufacturing line. Very exciting!
3) Finally, we have started 1 week ago the PP for the motors, but only 2 over 3 motors. I still have a small issue with the "yaw" motor, which didn't have the right "stopper" on it. Which means that it could turn 60 degrees in one direction and 210 degrees in the other.
We aim to start PP for this last motor after tomorrow. I hope it won't cause a small delay.
All this is very exciting to see Slick stabilizer making babies! Let's catch up before the end of the week behind the scene of our PCB factory.
Best, TA.