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Taking Slick For A Test Ride

Taking Slick For A Test Ride

What’s up everyone!

We’ve been working hard over the past couple weeks on the motors, PCBs, battery pack, and finalizing the design for manufacturing regarding all the mechanical parts. 

We are well on our way with this great gimbal and on track with our timeline! The latest modifications to the design have been made and it’s looking good! We have ordered samples of real parts from our suppliers, this step is crucial as it will help us verify the design before going into production.

We know you were waiting for it! We took Slick for a test ride to show you all how well our latest prototype gimbal is working! This prototype is using the final version of our electronics, however we still have some fine tuning to complete to the software before heading into production. The stabilization will also improve more and more as we move forward.

In the next update we will cover the different modes Slick will offer.

Have a Slick weekend and enjoy the video!

- Slick Team