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The Moment of Truth: Slick Stabilizer + GoPro 5 = Is it compatible?

Friday Oct 14 2016

Hey Hey Hey!

We know you have all been asking this question, and instead of giving answers such as yes it works or no it doesn’t, we wanted to show you whether or not it was compatible. We placed an order for the GoPro Hero 5 Black and it arrived late last week. We unboxed it, set it in its housing and attached it to Slick…

We are proud to say that Slick is compatible with the latest GoPro Hero 5 Black! We hope you are all excited as we are about it! Slick is now compatible with the GoPro 3, 3+ 4 and 5. As you can see in the last image, you can easily access the touch screen on the GoPro by using the manual up/down tilt buttons! Now we can assure you that  with this perfect, best looking duo and you will be able to capture the highest quality footage ever!

And… What a fuc***g badass look!

Let us know what you think ;) We hope you are all getting even more excited!

- Slick Team

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