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The Slick Gimbal Hard Case Has Finally Arrived!

The Slick Gimbal Hard Case Has Finally Arrived!

Hey everyone! 

We have a small update for you this week. If you have Facebook and/or would like to check out the hard case in action follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/t.agarate/videos/10155332537069474/

We received the first sample of the hard case a few days ago. The results for sample #1 turned out great! We were really impressed with the waterproof zippers after completing some hard testing! 

There’s a neat handle on the side which will allow you to easily pick up your gimbal and head out as quick as possible! We designed a mold specifically for the zippers, as you can see we have the SLICK embossed, pretty neat huh?! In the inside, there are two separate compartments to hold your SD card, cables or whatever you need to take with you on your trip! 

We wanted to complete some quality testing with the case so we took it out and about with us over the last few days. The case itself did great, however, we came across one small quality issue with the zipper. After a few openings and closing the case, one of the zippers broke. But don’t worry, we contacted our manufacturer right away and told them about this small issue we had. We are working with them to make sure that the zippers are secure and durable! We came across one small design error on our end for the mold in the inside of the case. The Slick fits in perfectly fine, however, when we were designing the mold for the inside we used the short thumbscrew to attach the GoPro onto Slick. Now that we are testing it out with the long thumb screw, we noticed it didn’t fit. In the final design, we will make sure that the short and long thumb screw will fit!

We would like to ask for your opinion about the front of the hard case. As you can see, at the moment we have the SLICK logo to the right of the case. We’re open to suggestions and would love to hear your creative ideas! Feel free to drop us a comment below or shoot us an email if you have any awesome design ideas!

Don't forget you will be able to purchase this hard case as an extra accessory on our website once we have the final product!

We’re super excited for this first sample and we hope you are too! The next update we share will be regarding our manufacturing progress. Looking forward to hearing from you all, and have an awesome week ahead! :)

- Slick Team