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Two New Videos Of The Slick GoPro Stabilizer!

Two New Videos Of The Slick GoPro Stabilizer!

Hi everyone!

We are super excited for this update! We attended CE in Shenzhen last week and had an awesome experience. So many people loved Slick, especially when seeing it in action! Here's the exciting part, we made two short videos to share today to show how stable Slick is! Follow the links below to check them out, see people’s reactions captured as well ;)



As you can see we ran around the expo, moving the gimbal up and down, side to side and we were so impressed with the outcome. We're more motivated than ever right now to ship out this awesome product and we're getting closer each day!

We will be spending the next two weeks here in Shenzhen where we will be visiting our manufacturer and packaging team! Along the way, we will be sure to share videos with you all. This is the start of something amazing and we're so glad to have you on this journey with us!

For those on Instagram, give us a follow and check out our story as we will be sharing plenty of short videos. Don't worry, if you're not on Instagram we will share a compilation of the videos in our next update!


Let us know what you think about this awesome footage :)


- Slick Team