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Winning an award at TiEcon 2016!

Winning an award at TiEcon 2016!

After a hard week of testing, trials, and errors we have a new prototype! 

This step is crucial as it lets us know how close we are to getting the finalized design, and help us understand the smallest last changes that need to be made. We finally finalized the electronics, the motors and PCBs are working well. The final design of Slick will be the image below, this prototype allows us to make sure that all the components are working.

Just to remind you all, Slick will be compatible from GoPro 3 to 4 session, and there will be a case available for the 4 Session. With our universal mounting, you will be able to use different cameras and switch them easily whilst on the move!

Our CEO attended TiEcon 2016 held in Silicon Valley last week. TiE is the largest conference dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, and look what he brought back for us! We couldn’t be happier! 

Watch the full interview here :