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What are the different modes?

Slick will have four buttons, two on the right (arrow down/arrow up to tilt the pitch axis), on the left side will be the on/off button and mode. Slick will come with two different modes. The first is “Fix Mode”, this will allow you to set up and fix the yaw axis that will stay in the same direction as when you turn the device on. In other words, the yaw will be on “lock”. The other is “Follow Mode”, the yaw arm is following the movement of the head, for example when you look left or right, the GoPro will follow you.

Will I have to purchase new accessories to use Slick?

Not at all! Slick comes with a universal mount. You will be able to attach Slick to your most favorite accessories!

How long does the stabilization take to activate?

Our stabilization works instantly as soon as you hit the power button. The stabilization activates right away, which means you won't have to stand around and wait for it to load.

When will I get my Slick?

We will be heading into production shortly and shipping will start in July 2017.

How do I change my shipping address?

You can contact us directly at contact@slick.video and we will update your shipping address for you. If you are an Indiegogo backer, you can either send us an email or you can do it through your Indiegogo account by clicking on my contributions, view order details, and update address.

How much does Slick weigh?

Slick currently weighs 470g.